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Tomis company vision


  • We aspire to be the undisputed market leader in the production and supply of quality lamb, beef and other related meat products to the South African market.
  • To make TOMIS a much loved and recognized South African  meat brand, associated with quality and freshness.
  • To produce and supply retail ready cuts and prepacked products, to the South African retail market, via our centralized production facility to different Distribution Centres of various retailers across South Africa.
  • To establish Tomis, in the international market, as a proudly South African export facility of primal lamb and beef cuts, as well as carcasses.
  • To have a fully integrated production system, from feedlot to abattoir to meatpacking, as well as care and protect God’s environment during these production processes by practicing and striving for eco-friendly, green alternatives and solutions.


  • To conduct our business with integrity, to be ethical and honest and to know that our suppliers and customers are the most important visitors to our premises. To treat them with respect and to know and understand their needs.
  • To be humane towards all animals and to treat them with the necessary respect by creating a low stressed farm-, feedlot- and abattoir environment.
  • To design and build animal friendly facilities and to use modern abattoir technology and slaughter processes, approved by animal welfare societies, that is humane and kind towards livestock.
  • To strive for greener and God given solutions by investing in an organic composting facility, researching biogas, bio fuel as well as solar power and heat exchange systems for future usage in our plant.
  • To invest in our employees and their families, to uplift and train them and to improve their living and work conditions. We want to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, to foster loyalty and friendliness, to understand our cultural diversities and to embrace it.
  • To design and build facilities of a very high standard, in order to create a friendly, efficient working environment, to better production flow and to be conducive to good productivity and quality products.
  • To have control systems in place, to measure and manage our business and its processes continuously and effectively. To be transparent and open in business dealings, to interact and be informative with our suppliers and customers.
  • To supply top quality, safe meat products to the market at competitive prices.
Tomis company mission
Tomis company building blocks

Tomis Building blocks

Excellent planning
Excellent management
Continuous supervision
Ethical values
Top quality products
He who walks slow, walks far
Live and let live

Foundation of Tomis:

The Grace of God


Tomis Abattoir was established in 1993 by Tommy Moolman and Isabelle Terblanche (now Moolman) on the farm Vorentoe near Hermon in the Western Cape. The farm was chosen because of its geographic location having various access routes to Cape-Town and the farm being situated nearby a variety of auction houses.

Tommy previously worked as a Dorper stud farm manager near Kenhardt and Isabelle as the national public relations officer for Veekos in Upington. Their love for the industry motivated them to start a small abattoir and butchery here in the heart of the Boland. The brand name Tomis is a combination between Tommy and Isabelle’s names – TOM standing for Tommy and IS for Isabelle. Later, 1998 Laurie Terblanche (the Son of Isabelle Moolman) joined the Tomis group and eventually became Tomis Groups’ managing director.


Tomis company history
Tomis company history

With the loyal support of farmers, as well as a variety of buyers and chain stores Tomis grew to the size that it is today. Tomis is proud to be one of the market leaders in the abattoir and retail packing industry. Tomis employs over 400 workers throughout their various facilities.

Tomis is a family run business with a wide variety of family members running different divisions within Tomis. Furthermore Tomis has six distinctive divisions, namely: Tomis Lamb Abattoir, Tomis Beef Abattoir, Tomis Composting Facility, Tomis Feedlot, Tomis Retail Packing and Tomis Offal.

One of the Tomis Groups’ long term goals were to make TOMIS LAMB a household name, synonymous with quality in the industry. We are extremely proud to say that we have achieved this goal and that our Lamb is considered the best in the Western Cape!

Tomis feedlot was established in 2004 to ensure that farmers can bring their lamb which is not slaughter ready as a total marketing solution option.

Tomis company history
Tomis company history

In 2008 Tomis Beef Abattoir was opened. The Abattoir can accommodate up to 200 cattle per day and allows farmers and wholesalers to slaughtered their cattle on a contract basis.

Furthermore, 2008 was also a year of green living and innovation for the Tomis Group. Tomis established Tomis Edel-Kompos which provides an eco-friendly way of disposing of waste and offcuts. Tomis delivers quality organic compost to surrounding farms and agricultural businesses.


In 2010 Tomis sheep Abattoir was upgraded to the highest HACCP standards. The Abattoir could now accommodate 2000 lamb/ sheep per day. The abattoir is run with strict quality control regulations as dictated by the meat safety act. Tomis is also subject to outside audits by the Department of Agriculture (IMQUAS) and FSSC 22000 approved. For further information on certification and regulations see our page Certification.


Tomis company history
Tomis company history

The Tomis offal production line was started in 2011. All offal is cleaned by hand and no artificial chemicals are used in the cleaning process.

Tomis Meatpackers and Country Butchery were officially opened in 2012. Our Country Butchery boasted with fantastic fresh Tomis meat as well as a variety of locally sourced gifts and handmade items such as soaps and craft items.

On 21 November 2017 Tomis Meat Packers, corporate offices, chillers, country butchery and dispatch area was destroyed in a fire that broke out at night.

In August 2018 the Tomis rebuild officially restarted and was completed in November of 2019. Tomis Meatpackers now consists of both a Deboning facility and a Retail packing plant supplying prepackaged red meat products to a variety of retail chains across South Africa.

Tomis company history

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