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Beef Abattoir

Beef Abattoir

Tomis Beef Abattoir first opened its doors in 2009. The abattoir was built as a result of the closure of Maitland Abattoir in 2007 and a subsequent lack of slaughter capacity in the Western Cape.

The Beef Abattoir has the capacity to slaughter 200 cattle a day and is separately operated from the sheep abattoir. The abattoirs’ share some of the cold rooms, dispatch- and personnel facilities.

The same high standards and guiding principles are followed in both abattoirs. Traceability systems are in place in both abattoirs. These help to identify carcasses by using  barcode systems that provide all the necessary information about the product and its origin. Traceability systems are of great importance when certain characteristics need to be verified i.e. brand, specie of animal, source, etc. Traceability is also of vital importance for recall procedures.

Tomis uses Meat Matrix software in the abattoir, deboning plant and retail packing facility.

Independent inspectors and meat classifiers are used in both abattoirs. IMQAS are contracted for this service. SAMIC coordinates all meat classifiers to ensure that they are up to the prescribed standard and the Department of Agriculture inspects and coordinate all meat- and health inspectors, as well as the facility, to ensure compliance with relevant abattoir legislation. Both abattoirs are also independently audited by FSSC 22000  to evaluate the standard of the facility and its’ procedures and policies. Tomis achieved a very high rating in this audit.

Tomis Beef Abattoir is also busy with exciting new projects to ensure better consistency in the supply of beef and beef primals.

Beef Abattoir

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