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Merino lamsboudproe

Hi there foodies! This week we would like to brag about the amazing diversity in South African red meat. On the first of March our Tomis public relations team attended the Merino Landbouproe-reeks in Stellenbosch by Die Khaya.

A Foodies guide to tasty braai recipes

This week we are taking inspiration from South African food blogs and websites. We have found the most trending lamb and beef braai recipes and would love to share them with you. These recipes are sure to make any foodie swoon.

The benefits of Red Meat in your diet

Hi there fellow foodies! This week we are keeping it short and sweet with ten benefits of eating red meat. If this doesn’t make you crave a juicy steak or succulent chop we don’t know what will!

Johan Visser: Retiring after 20 years of service

After 20 years of service and dedication to the Tomis Group our Head of Finances, Johan Visser, is retiring. Johan did not only play a vital role in the growth and sustainability of the Tomis Group

25 Years in the business: What we’ve learned

This year Tomis celebrated 25 years in the industry. Over the years we have made mistakes, challenged ourselves and grown both as individuals and as a company. We have had our highs and our lows, but by Gods’ grace we are still going strong and enjoying every second of the journey!

Tomis Inseёning

Op Donderdag, 18 Oktober 2018, het die Tomis Groep die amptelike inseёning gehad by die area waar die nuwe fasiliteit tans onder kontruksie is. Tommy Moolman (ons CEO) waarna Dominee André Du Plessis, van die Riebeek Kasteel NG Gemeente ,die inseёning en gebed behartig het.

Riebeek Kasteel veeveiling

Donderdag 11 Oktober het die Tomis span die Riebeek Kasteel veeveiling bygewoon. Tomis het by hierdie geleentheid opgetree as een van die werwers van lewendehawe, gesame met Delico farmstyle Butchery. Die veeveiling was ten bate van die NG Kerk Riebeek Kasteel.


hy hello Foodies! This week we are swooning over lamb neck and the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G dishes we can prepare with this primal cut. Lamb neck is probably one of the most underrated lamb cuts with it being sold (mostly) as part of the lamb shoulder. You can however buy it separately.

OVK Braaidag- veiling

Op Maandag die 24ste September het die Tomis span die OVK Braaidag veiling bygewoon. Die veiling word gehou net buite Piketberg, langs die Kaap Agri silos. Die veiling, wat ’n jaarlikse instelling is, sorg vir groot opwinding onder die Piketberg boeregemeenskap

SwartlandSkou, Moorreesburg

Die Swartland Skou, wat onlangs gehou was in Moorreesburg, sorg vir groot jaarlikse opwinding onder die plaaslike en omliggende gemeenskap. Boere, besighede en publiek vat die pad Moorreesburg toe, waar uitnemendheid in die agri-bedryf uitgestal en vereer word.

Lamb Primals: The Leg of Lamb

For this weeks’ blog post we are discussing the infamous leg of lamb. We are also supplying you guys with two insanely yummy recipes that you can test out over the weekend.

Offal for the winter season!

Our blog post this week is about Tomis clean offal and of course we will be supplying you guys with a yummy offal recipe to fight off the winter cold.

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