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Our solar initiative

In 2019 the Tomis Group commissioned Ren Energy to install a 428,8 kWp grid tied solar power plant. The solar installation is one of the biggest of its kind in a South African Meat Packing facility.

In the first year of operation the system allowed the Tomis Group to avoid 432,2 + Co2 emissions – thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint of our company.

The solar plant is powered by 1280 roof mounted photo-voltaic panels and driven by 8 Solis 50h inverters. The solar plant has already yielded 550 MWh of power in the last year, therefore giving the company a significant saving in electricity costs.

In total the plant has a degree of self sufficiency of over 30%, something we aim to lift in the near future! We also have a self-consumption rate of 99%

The solar PV plant produces power for the lamb and beef abattoir, offices, deboning facility as well as the retail packing plant. We are proud to be a green company and strive for eco-friendly solutions and our plant is a notable contribution to the sustainable operation of the South African meat industry!

Powered by Ren Energy
428,8 kWp grid
Driven by 8 Solis 50h inverters
Eco-friendly solution

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