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Tomis import of livestock

Import of Livestock

Tomis is licenced by the South African Department of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries to import cattle and sheep.

The Tomis Group is allowed to import livestock from the following countries:

  • Botswana
  • Namibia

If you are interested in selling your livestock and are situated in one of  the above-mentioned countries, please email tomis@tomis.co.za



Tomis Abattoir and Tomis Meat Packers both have ZA Export status. We can export to Africa, Middle East and Far Eastern countries.

Our primary focus is on supplying high volume lamb and beef carcasses as well as lamb and beef primal cuts.

We can also supply excellent quality clean offal products.

If you are interested in buying from the Tomis Group and are situated in another country you can email laurie@tomis.co.za with the subject line “Export of Meat Products”.


Tomis export of meat products

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