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We are a truly proud South African Abattoir catering for the needs of our local farmers, ensuring they are treated fairly in the marketing of their sheep and lamb.


The feedlot gives farmers the opportunity to market their animals, which is not market ready, directly to the abattoir, giving an all in one marketing solution.


Full traceability


Modern facility with technological advanced feeding and control systems


Daily weigh-ins and health checks


Ensures consistent quality supply to the market


Best animal welfare practices maintained

Here at Tomis the feedlot plays a very important part in the holistic abattoir concept that we have implemented. What is meant by this is that an abattoir cannot function alone. It should rather be supported by a feedlot, deboning plant, retail packing facility composting facility as well as an offal cleaning facility.

All the divisions support one another to ensure sustainable and viable solutions.

During tumultuous times the feedlot operates as a buffer for our abattoir. We are able to supply lamb to our abattoir even when there is a shortage in the market. In this way the feedlot helps to stabilise Tomis prices and supply our abattoir with livestock.

The feedlot also allows Tomis to ensure excellent quality meat. Our feedlot staff makes sure that the quality, weight, fat distribution and grading of the lamb is done perfectly. If, for example, a chain store wanted 500 A2 lamb carcasses that weigh approximately 20kg each Tomis Feedlot can try and meet this specific requirement and expectations.

Tomis lamb feedlot
Tomis lamb feedlot

At the Tomis feedlot, all specifications are taken into account and tracked daily. This includes:

  • The average daily weight gain
  • Feed turnover
  • Average daily maintenance costs
  • Slaughter percentage of all livestock
  • Financial costs to company

Tomis feedlot is also advantageous to farmers since the farmer can sell his market ready lamb, as well as lamb that still needs time in the feedlot to be slaughter-ready.

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