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Tomis food safety policy

Food Safety Policy

Tomis is committed to finding constructive solutions and implement programs to participate with our clients in order to ensure that the brand involves a sense of pride, top quality and superiority at all times. We commit ourselves to implement, maintain and continuously improve our Food Safety Management System (FSM system), whilst conforming to all statutory, regulatory (Terms of Reference document HFSQ 002) and customer specified quality and food safety requirements.

Tomis has a highly skilled team with diverse technical knowledge about food safety. Not only is teamwork the secret of our success but we adhere to strict hygiene protocols and operate with responsibility, ethics and integrity.

It is the Tomis policy that all staff, on all levels, must have exceptional high regard for the safety, hygiene and quality of products produced. All our staff is responsible for product safety, hygiene and quality. This policy requires the involvement and commitment of employees at all levels and at all stages of receiving, processing, packing, and distribution to ensure that our products are manufactured according to strict specifications and protocols.

Tomis always try to use the best practice and industry proven behaviours to improve the safety and quality of food.

Tomis food safety policy
Tomis food safety policy
Food safety objectives:
Production Process first time right.
Producing and manufacturing safe products
Meeting exact standards and certifications of our diverse customer base.
Improving the quality & safety of products, according to the Tomis strict food safety policies and procedures.
Continuous food safety training programs for our employees
Acquiring the highest food safety accreditation in our industry and continuously striving for improvement.
This policy is supported by measurable food safety objectives that are established by top management.

By committing to the following we will achieve our goals and objectives: Making our customers a priority and meeting their needs or exceeding them.

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